Lara is so fun and kind. I love having her as my piano teacher.


We are so lucky to find Lara for Alessandra’s piano teacher. She makes learning the piano not only about playing the notes, but about making music, with meaning and emotion. Lara provides an encouraging and supportive environment where Alessandra is challenged to ask questions, to try new things, to learn from her mistakes and to take pride in her accomplishments.

Sonja Unger (Alessandra’s mother)


I like my lessons because it is fun to learn new songs. Lara is a good and nice piano teacher. I love playing the piano!


Our daughter, Keeley, started her piano lessons in the fall of 2010. Lara makes learning to play the piano a fun and exciting experience which keeps Keely motivated and looking forward to her lesson each week. We love listening to Keeley playing the songs she has learned!

Julie Vanderkeyl (Keeley’s mother)




After my former teacher retired, I was fortunate to become one of Lara’s first students here in Stratford. I very much like her teaching method because she makes me feel at ease as a student. She is precise in explaining what she expects me to practice at home for my next lesson. Since studying with her I have gained a greater understanding, knowledge and confidence playing the piano. My hope is to have her as a teacher for a long time.

Norm Corell




Studying Music with Lara has been a great experience for me, and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Lara has not only taught me so much about proper vocal techniques and music in general, bas has also encourage me to try new things and challenge myself (i.e. participating in the Kiwanis Music Festival). She constantly has a positiive and upbeat attitude, and pushes me to be the best that I can be.

Ariel Detering

I never considered myself a singer, but as a classical theatre actor I decided to start training my voice to open myself up to musical theatre. Working with Lara has given me tangible tools that I can take with me into an audition. Lara has taught me to sing correctly and I have gotten more out of my voice thus far than I ever thought possible. Lara and I are developing a repertoire so I will have a piece rehearsed and ready to go for any style of audition and I now have the confidence in my voice to really own the audition room. Lara’s enthusiasm as a teacher has really encouraged me and made me feel safe to really explore my voice. Her lessons have been invaluable to me as an actor so far and I am so happy to have found her.

Fiona Mongillo