2nd Annual Hallowe’en Open House – Part 2

Ah yes…. all have been invited to the spooky event of the season!!!! Are you coming? and what will you be? Only three sleeps ’til we trick or treat!!!!

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2nd Annual Hallowe’en Open House – Part 1

Hallowe’en is a mere 18 days away and I have begun to prepare for the Studio’s annual Hallowe’en Open House (Oct. 31 from 3 – 5:30pm). This year’s festivities will include a Spooky Salon Concert (featuring students of the studio), Ghoulish Games, Alarming Activities and an Outdoor Costume Parade. Not to mention sweets and treats of every size and description.
Bring on THE BIG BOO!

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The Autumn Leaves

Piano students, sisters Astoria and Phaedra with the leaves Phaedra brought as a bouquet for me. My favourite thing to do is string leaves so quickly we did and voila! Looks like Phaedra might be getting ready for some Hallowe’en scary business :)

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Kaitlyn Records

A Three Song EP Coming Soon!

Singer-Songwriter Kaitlyn Purvis is getting three of her songs (I Am This Country, In This Song, and Addicted) ready for an EP recording.  This past weekend Kaitlyn came in from London and she got the vocal tracks in place.  Just a few more pieces to the recording puzzle and then the recording will be mixed and mastered.

Kaitlyn’s really busy in her first year of studies at Western but she’s hoping to steal enough time to have the project finished and in hand by December.

Stay tuned for more updates here!  Go Kaitlyn!

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September is here!

This is my favourite time of year.
September means a fresh start to my own studies and creating strong connections with new and returning students. Already a week in (!) and I am so excited to see what we will accomplish together. The registration this season has brought in a very diverse group. It is wonderful to have so many different ages, levels and goals represented in the students of the studio. And, the best part is everyone is keen. Keen to enjoy learning to play or sing or write or some combination. Keen to have fun with music.  And, oh yes, we are definitely going to have some fun!!

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Ava at Play Me I’m Yours


Here is Ava, a lovely young student of mine, working some musical magic at one of the pianos that are part of “Play Me I’m Yours” – pianos placed in outdoor, public locations all around the city just begging to be played.

Get out there Stratford and make some music of your own!


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Culture Days in Stratford (Sept. 28, 29, 30)

I’ll be offering a number of sessions as a part of Culture Days here in Stratford – COME celebrate culture in all it forms – tons of free activities and interesting artistic adventures!
here’s a link to the programs I’ve put together:

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Kaitlyn comes 11th – Defining Moments Art Contest

Kaitlyn Purvis, Studio Student Extra-Ordinaire, entered the Defining Moments Art Contest by submitting her beautiful song I Am This Country. She has made it into the top 26 – with an impressive finish of 11th!!!!
The 26 winners will have their artwork included in the Travelling Exhibit that will appear in locations across Canada as well as at Winterlude 2013. The top 13 (of which Kaitlyn is one!!!) will also travel to Ottawa for Winterlude for 3 nights and 4 days provided, in part, by the National Capital Commission as well as digital cameras to document their stay!

How great is that??? Congratulations Kaitlyn!!!

Check out the contest site here:

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Guitar and Flute Lessons now too!

I have been preparing for some time to offer Guitar and Flute lessons. In fact I do have a number of students studying acoustic guitar with me already. Certainly, if you want to write songs the guitar and piano both have strong merits as tools for songwriting. The Flute is an instrument that captures the imagination of budding musicians in the way that Swan Lake captures the imaginations of young dancers. I am looking forward – with great anticipation – to my first private Flute student.  And have plans in the future to form a flute choir – fun times ahead!

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Student Poster Art

There have been some lovely offerings from students this year – here are two recent posters created by young piano students – enjoy!

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